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Makeup for Beginners: Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Step by Step | Danielle Mansutti

Published on Mar 18, 2018 2,651,073 views

In today's video I give you a step by step of how to apply makeup, including makeup tools for beginners, tips and tricks for a full face of makeup and show you how to complete a daily makeup tutorial for a quick and easy everyday makeup look in a very short time :)

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  • Kiwi Boba
    Kiwi Boba 2 months ago I always told myself I wouldn’t do makeup. Then I hit puberty. :^)
  • Danica Rosa
    Danica Rosa 1 day ago Kiwi Boba same
  • Doggie_ raps
    Doggie_ raps 3 days ago Kiwi Boba relatable
  • Gabriela Rache
    Gabriela Rache 4 days ago Same!
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    DevilQueenElisa Playz 1 week ago heh same
  • Itz Chloe Rivera
    Itz Chloe Rivera 1 week ago Same
  • Mia Herrera
    Mia Herrera 1 week ago Same turning 14 this yearrr
  • the deer
    the deer 1 week ago bruh, i honestly never gave an absolute ffff until i realized i looked pretty. being a teen sucks stay as a child for as long as you ppl can!
  • KittyCat 64
    KittyCat 64 1 week ago Kiwi Boba was literally just saying this yesterday
  • giulia luane
    giulia luane 1 week ago Kiwi Boba saaame
    xX DANDILIØN Xx 2 weeks ago Omg same
  • New improved Hubert cumberdale
    New improved Hubert cumberdale 2 weeks ago Paige Roseline yep I have....pimples
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    Cinnopop 2 weeks ago same lmao
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    starry roses 3 weeks ago SAME
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    24k 3 weeks ago haha same
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    Princesscraft18 _ 1 month ago Lmao same
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    Gacha Name 1 month ago Yeaaaa same
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    Abbe Rollison 1 month ago MEEEE!!!! xD
  • dorkylust
    dorkylust 1 month ago same
  • olivia leclerc
    olivia leclerc 1 month ago I’m just starting puberty 😭😭😭😭
  • Sarah
    Sarah 1 month ago Saaaaamme
  • Jason Colburn
    Jason Colburn 1 month ago Relatable
  • Lunar Moon
    Lunar Moon 1 month ago Sameee
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    Pouchi Productions 1 month ago Kiwi Boba 👋😂samee
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    exsplore with Ri 13 1 month ago Yess highkey samee😂
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    I am an army in a trench thinking of Ryan Ross 2 months ago Kiwi Boba same
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    Vanessa Garcia 2 months ago same lmao now i love it
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    Kiki Studios 2 months ago Kiwi Boba why is this a mood
  • Paige Roseline
    Paige Roseline 2 months ago Story of my life low-key
  • Paige Roseline
    Paige Roseline 2 months ago Lmao
  • ch0vuu
    ch0vuu 2 months ago Literally everyone in my age knows how to do makeup except for me. I know nothing. Thanks for this video.
  • Zita Waldron
    Zita Waldron 16 hours ago Hun u aren't alone same with me !! 😫😬😋
  • ICreative MastermindsI
    ICreative MastermindsI 17 hours ago omg a doyoung stan
  • Hall 233
    Hall 233 2 days ago Well I'm in business school and I don't know how too.
  • Jordan Breanna
    Jordan Breanna 6 days ago How old r you?
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    Gisela Argueta 6 days ago ch0vuu right
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    Bintu Iqbaal 1 week ago Jossi Lee same
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    ch0vuu 1 week ago @Candy yesss 💚
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    《ΞUиιΞ》 2 weeks ago @Jossi Lee no, that's NCT you dummy
  • lali :p
    lali :p 1 month ago Same
  • Jossi Lee
    Jossi Lee 1 month ago BTS
  • Another Person
    Another Person 6 months ago if this is a beginner's video I'm 100000% screwed
  • Raina Dat Kween
    Raina Dat Kween 2 weeks ago I have an IQ of a peanut
  • Alexis Monroe
    Alexis Monroe 3 weeks ago Another Person omg me too
  • Lisa Hulbert
    Lisa Hulbert 1 month ago Thank you
  • Bell F
    Bell F 1 month ago I made the comment 1k:)))
  • Sofia Ortiz
    Sofia Ortiz 1 month ago Right?
  • lali :p
    lali :p 1 month ago Same I think I need to buy stuff I just don't know what
  • Kylie Philippon
    Kylie Philippon 1 month ago Yeah I have none of the materials she is using. All I have is eyeshadow, eyelash curler, moisturizer, mascara, and makeup brushes. 😭
  • Sarah LaCroix
    Sarah LaCroix 1 month ago 5-10 min my ass
  • Mrs. BB
    Mrs. BB 2 months ago Fr fr fr 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Choo TY
    Choo TY 2 months ago (edited) Same i know nothing i mean seriously 0 knowledge
  • Jungoo
    Jungoo 2 months ago Same
  • Student Mackynze Wolfe
    Student Mackynze Wolfe 2 months ago Same
  • Ovi Us
    Ovi Us 3 months ago @Sofie T lmaooooooooooooo
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    Amma Ayliffe 3 months ago Same
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    《 KittyGurl2320 》 3 months ago Same I have no clue what is happening
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    kyungsoo_jimin penguin 3 months ago Another Person same
  • Terri Clerkley
    Terri Clerkley 3 months ago Nice video
  • Lea deGuzman
    Lea deGuzman 4 months ago My, I thought I was the only one who's thinking that.
  • The Queen
    The Queen 4 months ago Another Person omg same
  • mk
    mk 4 months ago Sooooo true
  • Sofie T
    Sofie T 4 months ago I’m like What are all THOSE things
  • Soukaina Benmamoun
    Soukaina Benmamoun 4 months ago SAME HERE DUUH !!
  • Just._.Martha
    Just._.Martha 6 months ago Another Person same
  • Lauren The Lady
    Lauren The Lady 10 months ago Thank you for making this. I’m 21 and I have no idea what brushes, what color corrector does, or what anything does in general 😂
  • Moriah Medina
    Moriah Medina 1 week ago 32 here! Though I have done eyeshadow
  • Emmy Lmmy
    Emmy Lmmy 2 weeks ago I am 10 and I am learning how to do makeup when I am older
  • sarah bkr
    sarah bkr 3 weeks ago I'm 19😭
  • Ashley T
    Ashley T 1 month ago I'm 29 and I still don't know. 😂😭
  • Hatchobori
    Hatchobori 1 month ago (edited) Im 14 but im A bisexual boy and I use makeup
  • Slimey Avocado
    Slimey Avocado 1 month ago im 12 and i know almost everything about makeup 😂but dont worry my mom is in her 30's and she doesnt know that stuff
  • lali :p
    lali :p 1 month ago Omg same I'm 20 everyone keep telling me to start wearing makeup
  • Syeda Fatima
    Syeda Fatima 1 month ago You may be innocent. And I love innocent people
  • TheLyricsQueen
    TheLyricsQueen 1 month ago I’m 21 too and my 14 year old sister is more experienced with makeup than I am 😂
  • ataespoonofsuga
    ataespoonofsuga 1 month ago @ch0vuu omg same
  • ch0vuu
    ch0vuu 2 months ago I'm 14 but literally everyone knows how to do makeup except for me and I always wonder how they learned it oof
  • Elizabeth V.
    Elizabeth V. 2 months ago UNICORN LOVER 2 young for makeup little girl
  • Elizabeth V.
    Elizabeth V. 2 months ago I’m 15 :(
  • Non Of your business
    Non Of your business 2 months ago Same, I might as well have been born as a guy.
  • Bethany Barrass
    Bethany Barrass 3 months ago Same here 🤣
  • Fialova
    Fialova 3 months ago Im in my late 13 y/o and want to start now xD
    EXO-L ARMY VIP IGOT7 3 months ago Same girl
  • Moo
    Moo 4 months ago (edited) There’s a girl that wears makeup to school (even though you’re not supposed to yet) and her foundation is way too yellow, she’d look better without it tbh
  • Animefan13
    Animefan13 4 months ago @Amy Musa I'm turning 20 tomorrow and I don't know anything.. I guess learning just the basics is handy...
  • Sarah Shafique
    Sarah Shafique 4 months ago Im 10 Year’s old and I wear full makeup to school..... my teachers and friends notice I am wearing makeup but they don’t say anything to me.....
  • Amy Musa
    Amy Musa 4 months ago Same im 19
  • Jhzj Dndjsnsnn
    Jhzj Dndjsnsnn 4 months ago I’m 11 and Makeup seems really cool! I’m interested and I wanna learn~
  • viola
    viola 4 months ago I’m 15 and I rlly need some knowledge
  • terry 1
    terry 1 4 months ago I'm 23😭
  • Ellen Åsén
    Ellen Åsén 4 months ago Im 13 and i have a TON of makeup but i haven't used it more then like two times and both of the times I looked awful😂😂
  • Jenny Lobato
    Jenny Lobato 4 months ago I am 32 and this is my first time trying make up so no one should feel bad
  • Hamza Asghar
    Hamza Asghar 4 months ago I am 17
  • Alisa Rebekka
    Alisa Rebekka 5 months ago Haa. I'm also 21! And I have no idea about how to do makeup, but I want to start. I'm here to look what I need to buy to get started. 🙈
  • Lou lou Boove
    Lou lou Boove 5 months ago Omg I where a lot of makeup and I’m 10 almost 11
  • Yarah Hendriks
    Yarah Hendriks 6 months ago I'm 24 and I literally know nothing about make up...
  • nemooo bemoo
    nemooo bemoo 6 months ago I'm 27 and I have no idea haha
  • Rebecca Marie
    Rebecca Marie 6 months ago lhowel1 really??? I'm 15 and never used makeup before and still don't use it now, but I hope to start using a little soon 😂
  • Hannah Finn
    Hannah Finn 6 months ago @lhowel1 when i was nine i was only allowed to use toy makeup and my best friend put the bright blue eye shadow on my cheeks and i tried to make her look beautiful like a grownup
  • Grapes :3
    Grapes :3 6 months ago Olu
  • Grapes :3
    Grapes :3 6 months ago Please
  • Janice Rojas
    Janice Rojas 6 months ago Omg glad I'm not alone
    UNICORN LOVER 6 months ago I started when I was six and I’m 10 now and I’m a pro jk I’m ok at it
  • Poorva Sharma
    Poorva Sharma 7 months ago Same
  • queen layah
    queen layah 7 months ago Omg me too! 24 here
  • andrea MT
    andrea MT 7 months ago I'm 17
  • u gnn
    u gnn 7 months ago I'm 14
  • destinyawaitsx3
    destinyawaitsx3 7 months ago 23!
  • Dariah Jaffar
    Dariah Jaffar 7 months ago And im 24. Haha
  • Heather Herbert
    Heather Herbert 9 months ago Dont feel bad... Im 22.. I feel ya 😀
  • K SI
    K SI 3 months ago (edited) I’m here cause I never know what tf my girlfriends talking about on FaceTime when she’s getting ready🤦‍♂️
  • Alaina Leffert
    Alaina Leffert 3 days ago K SI you must be a good bf
  • Chanel is Crazy
    Chanel is Crazy 1 week ago Get you a mans that take their time to actually see wtf you’re talking about makeup
  • Isabella Falanga
    Isabella Falanga 2 weeks ago Dang u must be a good bf I hope she appreciates u trying to do something about not knowing what she talks about
  • Dimple_doll
    Dimple_doll 2 weeks ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Elijah
    Elijah 3 weeks ago Aww
  • dodgers fan
    dodgers fan 3 weeks ago K SI you still dating her mate?😭
  • shimmer Violet
    shimmer Violet 1 month ago Sara’s Life in the long run same😭😭😔
  • Sara’s Life in the long run
    Sara’s Life in the long run 1 month ago Awwweee that’s soooooo sweet 🥰 I’m so lonely 😫😂😂
  • naz
    naz 1 month ago Lmao
  • Miss Piano
    Miss Piano 2 months ago I feel y’a man my mum talks about the weirdest makeup stuff so I’m here to understand 🤣
  • Mary Alcantar
    Mary Alcantar 2 weeks ago Oh my gosh can we talk about how beautiful her eyes are?
  • Mary Alcantar
    Mary Alcantar 15 hours ago @Zita Waldron samee
  • Zita Waldron
    Zita Waldron 16 hours ago Yaaassss I thought they were contacts 🤩😍
  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay 4 months ago my drama class used your video to show use how to properly use makeup in our makeup unit. We had to take notes and everything. Not even joking 😂
  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 1 month ago Wow I’m so jealous 😭
  • Random sandra
    Random sandra 1 month ago Tay Tay omg😂
  • Lauren Cummings
    Lauren Cummings 7 months ago Me: h- People with blue eyes:
  • Dallon Weekes
    Dallon Weekes 1 month ago Gacha Girl I don't know where but literally yesterday I saw you under another completely unrelated video. Did you comment on any videos about blue lake fine arts camp? I feel like that was you.
  • Someone made a channel
    Someone made a channel 1 month ago @Gacha Girl Your eyes are quite rare tbh and that's cool
  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 1 month ago Same here but half is green I get bully alot
  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 1 month ago Blue green here both in one I know people bully me about it 😭😭😭
  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim 2 months ago @iiSunset_2ndPotato Queen Aw ty!
  • iiSunset_2ndPotato Queen
    iiSunset_2ndPotato Queen 3 months ago A Person ur eyes are bootiful
  • Yasmin Freire
    Yasmin Freire 3 months ago I have brown eyes , ha still proud 😂
  • Lazy Pandah
    Lazy Pandah 4 months ago 👁👄👁
  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim 4 months ago Why I have blue eye
  • Lizard Babies
    Lizard Babies 11 months ago That moment when your such a beginner you don't even have enough/the right makeup to do the beginner tutorial...
  • Melanie
    Melanie 3 weeks ago maryam mustafa same XD
  • Glaxy Playz
    Glaxy Playz 3 weeks ago Lizard Babies I steal my mum’s :3
  • christina aviles
    christina aviles 1 month ago Same here
  • lali :p
    lali :p 1 month ago Omg thank god I'm not the only
  • 04x60
    04x60 1 month ago @Pbnj11 Decor except *
  • shimmer Violet
    shimmer Violet 1 month ago Ikrrr!! I was screwed at primer 😭😭
  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace 1 month ago I bought the basics and still don’t have the right stuff :,)
  • Pbnj11 Decor
    Pbnj11 Decor 1 month ago maryam mustafa SAME. Accept my grandmas getting me makeup for my birthday and my mums letting me use hers :)))
  • Sophia Darmanie
    Sophia Darmanie 1 month ago Yoo me too😭
  • Sammy Jones
    Sammy Jones 1 month ago Time for a shopping trip 😂
  • Sofia Gomez
    Sofia Gomez 1 month ago I have a few and ima make it work and hopefully it stays ..
  • maryam mustafa
    maryam mustafa 1 month ago Carolyn Ellis i stole some make up from my mum:)))
  • Carolyn Ellis
    Carolyn Ellis 1 month ago Or dont have makeup at all...
  • maryam mustafa
    maryam mustafa 3 months ago Dipstick Pines saaaammee😭💔😂
  • Kristen Patterson
    Kristen Patterson 2 months ago “This is very easy and takes just about 10 minutes!” Danielle: step one... Me: Pauses when on step one for 20 minutes, realize I didn’t do the first step right, takes it all of spend about another 20 minutes on step one. I can tell you one thing, for us women whos never tried To actually look presentable, we are strugglin. Sttttrrrugguuuulllllaannng
  • Nikkie noronha
    Nikkie noronha 4 days ago Trueeeeee
  • christina aviles
    christina aviles 1 month ago This sounds like me I'm 24 and haven't worn make up in a day of my life
  • lali :p
    lali :p 1 month ago (edited) Ikr it's soo hard
  • Midnight Kookie
    Midnight Kookie 1 month ago honestly
  • Emjae Waggener
    Emjae Waggener 4 months ago Her: "if you go to Sephora, or anything like that" Me: I go to Walmart.. 😐😅
  • Celeste Green
    Celeste Green 4 months ago •Patd fan• 😂😂😂 SaMe
  • Crimson witch
    Crimson witch 6 months ago I’m 35 and still haven’t a clue, great help
  • P McKenna
    P McKenna 3 days ago @jade who asked you for your miserable opinion...stupid fat witch.
  • jade
    jade 3 days ago P McKenna you have problems...
  • P McKenna
    P McKenna 2 weeks ago @demonheart13 ooh please don't report me😂😂
  • demonheart13
    demonheart13 2 weeks ago Hello, the P McKenna person is a troll, please report them if they post again and if you see their trolling posts, report them for bullying.
  • P McKenna
    P McKenna 1 month ago @lali :p shut your holes
  • lali :p
    lali :p 1 month ago @P McKenna wtf
  • lali :p
    lali :p 1 month ago Lmao prob me
  • cheryl hensley
    cheryl hensley 1 month ago Same here, just turned 38 and I'm just now learning how to do hair, nails and make up. I love watching these tutorials. Mia maples and milabu are some of my favorites.
  • naz
    naz 1 month ago P McKenna - Well you are a person of “scathing opinion” lmao 😂
  • ch0vuu
    ch0vuu 2 months ago @Makaroni what a great feeling to see armys everywhere
  • Makaroni
    Makaroni 2 months ago P McKenna tf
  • P McKenna
    P McKenna 2 months ago @Poultry Addict you can shut up as well...fatty.
  • Poultry Addict
    Poultry Addict 2 months ago @P McKenna ???
  • P McKenna
    P McKenna 3 months ago @『Cat T.』 be quiet
  • 『Cat T.』
    『Cat T.』 3 months ago @P McKennaThe hell's your problem man?
  • katita87
    katita87 3 months ago same girl. 32 and no idea!
  • -Gacha Oreo-
    -Gacha Oreo- 4 months ago Crimson WITCH
  • Anaya
    Anaya 4 months ago @P McKenna tf
  • P McKenna
    P McKenna 5 months ago Be quiet you stupid woman
  • Study Aesthetically
    Study Aesthetically 6 months ago I know this may sound weird but her nose shape is ON FLEEK
  • kallia togia
    kallia togia 8 months ago Am I the only one who thinks that her eyebrows are amazing without filling them. Plus you are so cute & pretty😍
  • Crystal Writter
    Crystal Writter 1 month ago They look so much better when she fills 👌
  • Zoza Hoby
    Zoza Hoby 7 months ago Am I the only one taking notes
  • Lára Lovísa Smáradóttir
    Lára Lovísa Smáradóttir 1 month ago I'm doing it too!😂😂😂
  • Sasha G.
    Sasha G. 1 month ago Same here
  • Choo TY
    Choo TY 2 months ago Im joining you ^^
  • Yasmin Freire
    Yasmin Freire 3 months ago 😂
  • The Gacha Girl
    The Gacha Girl 1 month ago I tried make-up... But I looked like a clown
  • Esha Doodnauth14
    Esha Doodnauth14 2 weeks ago Same here
  • Pegah Nikravi
    Pegah Nikravi 3 weeks ago Same here girl.. I'm 18 and the only thing that I can do right is to put mascara and lipstick😂
  • Maryem Sabri
    Maryem Sabri 4 months ago Me me me 😂😂😂I couldn't even choose my shade of foundation 😂😂😂
  • Lane Girl
    Lane Girl 2 weeks ago Its hard 😂
  • Amanda Garcia
    Amanda Garcia 1 year ago I love that you did a beginners video. I feel like no one does this anymore. This was very helpful for those who are just starting!
  • EllieJellie01 - Animations and More!
    EllieJellie01 - Animations and More! 4 days ago @Teagan_ Wiltshire in our school, we're not allowed makeup until year 10 and 11, but not much :( You're lucky...
  • Danielle Lacey
    Danielle Lacey 2 months ago Yes I totally agree!!!! :)
    KATIE REID 2 months ago Amanda Garcia~Yup just like me I have no clue :P
  • lion games
    lion games 3 months ago Exactly as a 13 yr old that gets bullied for looks and being a tom- boy my whole life i finnaky start to do makeup and no clue where to start
  • Josephine Koper
    Josephine Koper 3 months ago Amanda Garcia yes i’m starting too and i have no idea how you need to do it, but now because of this video i know a little more😁💘
  • Ronnette McLean
    Ronnette McLean 3 months ago @Teagan_ Wiltshire I can
  • Ghizlane Ghizlane
    Ghizlane Ghizlane 4 months ago I'm 27 yo and I've never done it but I'd like to start knowing about it you're right!
  • Slime Smar
    Slime Smar 5 months ago Yea true
  • Tati
    Tati 6 months ago Amanda Garcia //*cough* me cough
  • Teagan_ Wiltshire
    Teagan_ Wiltshire 7 months ago (edited) Amanda Garcia I just graduated year 6 and am going into year 7. This is the year that allows you to wear makeup. You’re not allowed to in primary school
  • Tuaha Scott
    Tuaha Scott 7 months ago Yh your right
  • Avary Mills
    Avary Mills 8 months ago I really did help👍👍👍
  • Xxblue#{123}xX
    Xxblue#{123}xX 11 months ago Yep I so needed that
  • Kamila Taufiq
    Kamila Taufiq 1 year ago Yup. Lots of people don't do these kind of videos anymore.
  • Phuong Linh Ngo
    Phuong Linh Ngo 4 months ago this is the first time I have ever watch a biginner's video, and I think I don't need to watch anymore tks to u!
  • Christina: Miranda
    Christina: Miranda 8 months ago MMMM THOSE EYES WITH THAT SWEATER I only had one issue with the makeup THE FOUNDATION... ok my work here is done