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Published on Sep 28, 2018 6,918,403 views

In today's video I show you how to perfectly groom your eyebrows in only 3 easy steps! this can be done at home and requires no chemicals like nair. all products are below.

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- revlon tweezers
- eyebrow/facial hair scissors
- tinkle facial razor

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All opinions are my own. Not a sponsored video.

+ age: 19
+ la based
+ half Nicaragüense/half white
+ camera: canon rebel t5i
+ editing: final cut pro x

extra tags for video/channel: eyebrow routine, eyebrow grooming, at home, perfect eyebrows, natural eyebrows, shape eyebrows, easy and at home

  • Canela Trigueros
    Canela Trigueros 9 months ago (edited) [TO MAKE CAPTIONS SMALLER: go to CC, click options, and you can adjust text size there.] i’ve been seeing people saying that they need to “have eyebrows” before they do this so here are some tips for eyebrow growth (my eyebrows used to be HORRIBLE trust me): 1. let them grow out (no matter how bad they look). use castor oil to help both your eyebrows and eyelashes grow faster, it’s pretty inexpensive :) 2. massage the area when you wash your face/ moisturize so there’s more blood flow 3. DO NOT OVERPLUCK!! let me know if you have any questions and don’t forget to subscribe 💓
  • Weird Wonders
    Weird Wonders 2 days ago In fact, you can buy jamaican black castor oil in the cultural hair section Sorry, i didnt know how to phrase that ^^
  • Rebecca Roland
    Rebecca Roland 1 month ago Canela Trigueros this was so helpful ❤️❤️
  • Linda Enderson
    Linda Enderson 2 months ago @Donna McCarthy Great question! Where's the answer??? It's been 6 months since you asked...
  • Linda Enderson
    Linda Enderson 2 months ago Great tips! My problem is that my right eyebrow has always been shorter than my left. It simply will not grow longer, no matter what I do! If it wasn't so noticable, I would ignore it, but it is! Any suggestions?
  • Sara Banoo
    Sara Banoo 3 months ago Canela Trigueros NM olk
  • Sara Banoo
    Sara Banoo 3 months ago Canela Trigueros
  • Lil Rose
    Lil Rose 3 months ago @Sherlly Chai Why would you want to use fish oil? U must like the smell of your upper lip😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Айзада Муктарова
    Айзада Муктарова 5 months ago В интернете на сайте в разделе
  • Kasia Wójcik
    Kasia Wójcik 6 months ago Pp H
  • Іванна Пітура
    Іванна Пітура 6 months ago Canela Trigueros кп для жовчі затримався аж
  • My Simple Palace
    My Simple Palace 6 months ago My eyebrows are straight shape. So I have no idea how to shape them when theres no shape lol. Nice video. Very pretty.
  • S K
    S K 6 months ago Canela Trigueros m
  • Donna McCarthy
    Donna McCarthy 6 months ago @Alesia Featherstone thank you!
  • Alesia Featherstone
    Alesia Featherstone 6 months ago @Kimi Danger not if you use castor oil. Try Capella beauty from Amazon cold pressed oil the best.
  • Alesia Featherstone
    Alesia Featherstone 6 months ago @Donna McCarthy Castor oil on your eyebrows and eyelashes really work you will have to keep up on your grooming because they grow back so fast. Cold pressed Castor oil is the best and I order this brand on Amazon by Capella beauty.
  • Malik Fizanali
    Malik Fizanali 7 months ago @divinegold ,
  • Michał Górski
    Michał Górski 7 months ago Canela Trigueros v
  • Kimi Danger
    Kimi Danger 7 months ago @Hey There I have the same problem but girl two months is nothing, eyebrows take forever to grow you need to wait like honestly six months to a year. I'm going crazy waiting.
  • Brooke Davis
    Brooke Davis 7 months ago I love you eyebrows and where did you get you spoomy your eyebrow brush I need one
  • mrsmir
    mrsmir 7 months ago J
  • Noa Sliwa
    Noa Sliwa 7 months ago GamingWithToysAndUS yes
  • Lucy Mary
    Lucy Mary 7 months ago How to wear sare
  • Lucy Mary
    Lucy Mary 7 months ago @Chloe Leavitt I'm how
  • iiiGamingSquad
    iiiGamingSquad 7 months ago Does it hurt when u use the tweezers
  • Jamy L
    Jamy L 7 months ago I've seen on YouTube that coconut. oil takes off mascara as a DYI remover but so does baby shampoo. I wanted to say that this tutorial was great for hair that is too long but my eyebrows are SO "ALMOST NON-EXISTANT".
  • Jessica Sanchez
    Jessica Sanchez 8 months ago Canela Trigueros Can I use avocado oil?
  • Riya Gautam
    Riya Gautam 8 months ago Canela Trigueros mam first step is too painful
  • Manny Btw
    Manny Btw 8 months ago @divinegold i want to know too
  • özcan lamia
    özcan lamia 8 months ago Kanalima beklerim😍🍔🍝🍟🍕🍜🍞
  • Ali Arsenal
    Ali Arsenal 8 months ago Do you think the castor oil won't make you breakout? I have oily prone skin, I'm scared to put something with the word "oil" on my face area. Plese answer. I want to have a nice eyebrow like yours. Heheh.
  • Baljinder Kaur
    Baljinder Kaur 8 months ago Hfufhigb co
  • divinegold
    divinegold 8 months ago What’s the background music called?
  • Donna McCarthy
    Donna McCarthy 8 months ago Ok so my eyebrows aren't bad but I do have a little gap in both eyebrows near my arch. Can I grow hair back there with Castor Oil?
  • Sherlly Chai
    Sherlly Chai 8 months ago can i use fish oil?
  • Hey There
    Hey There 9 months ago @Canela Trigueros castor oil unfortunately did nothing to help me grow my eyebrows mine have been very thin ever since I allowed a family member friend to do my eyebrows when I was like 14-15 she messed them up so badly made them too small and too thin and now for the past 16-17 years they barely grow I can even go a month to 2 months between waxing that is how slow my eyebrows grow back
  • ラウラ
    ラウラ 9 months ago I've been using castor oil for a while now and it's not much but I definetly see a change in my eyebrows and eyelashes,
  • Canela Trigueros
    Canela Trigueros 9 months ago Chloe L I personally wouldn’t recommend coconut oil on the face because it’s highly comedogenic!
  • Canela Trigueros
    Canela Trigueros 9 months ago Tatyona Gaines no, leaving any makeup on your face overnight is bad for your skin and eyelashes/eyebrows!
  • Chloe Leavitt
    Chloe Leavitt 9 months ago Can I use coconut oil?
  • XyonaaX
    XyonaaX 9 months ago Canela Trigueros willl eyebrows still grow if u leave makeup products and the oil on overnight (brow pencil,powder,pomade)
  • Millie Maskell
    Millie Maskell 9 months ago I’ve neverrrr understood how people tweeze their eyebrows without holding the skin tight... it hurts so much!!
    MR PIMP 1 day ago why are females obessed with eyebrows
  • I'm in love with a Little baby mochi
    I'm in love with a Little baby mochi 1 week ago Millie Maskell krxre
  • Kaliousy Kaliousy
    Kaliousy Kaliousy 1 week ago Once you do it heaps, it dosent hurt as much.
  • flashback mary
    flashback mary 1 week ago you get used to it after a while
  • GiveJiminSomeJams
    GiveJiminSomeJams 1 week ago Depends on your pain tolerance
  • S Buscher
    S Buscher 1 week ago I do it after the shower so the follicles are loose and then they just slide right out painlessly
  • Shani Colbourne
    Shani Colbourne 2 weeks ago tweezing actually is not painful, you have to hold the tweezers at the base of the hair
  • Alriqht_Rachel
    Alriqht_Rachel 2 weeks ago Millie Maskell do you want nice eyebrows or not
  • g
    g 3 weeks ago Millie Maskell it doesn’t after a few times you do It
  • Aalam Fouzia - عالم فوزية
    Aalam Fouzia - عالم فوزية 1 month ago Hhhhhhh same with me
  • liz
    liz 1 month ago The more you pluck your eyebrows, the more you get used to the pain so it doesn't hurt anymore
  • Gillian Zaldivar
    Gillian Zaldivar 1 month ago im a hairy gal and ive had a unibrow for as long as i could remember. Ive been plucking my eyebrows since i was like 9. im 19 now lol you just get so used to it 😭
  • chou tzuyu fan
    chou tzuyu fan 1 month ago i can't even pluck a single one i always end up crying lol
  • 127 Subliminals
    127 Subliminals 1 month ago I got used to it,just practice makes perfect
  • Jasmin
    Jasmin 1 month ago It doesn't hurt once you're used to it
  • Ruksar Creations
    Ruksar Creations 1 month ago habit
  • ItzAppleYo
    ItzAppleYo 1 month ago It doesn’t hurt for me, but wax hurts for me o.o
  • Trish
    Trish 1 month ago Millie Maskell I usually put coconut oil so it doesn’t hurt that much
  • Elizabeth V
    Elizabeth V 1 month ago Some of us don't just feel that much pain lol
  • Victoria Peay
    Victoria Peay 2 months ago It hurts less when your skin is moisturized
  • Alexis
    Alexis 2 months ago i love the pain
  • Valerie Herrera
    Valerie Herrera 2 months ago Millie Maskell ikr!!! I just did it right now and I was literally crying
  • gємιиι ιѕ ιиѕαиє
    gємιиι ιѕ ιиѕαиє 2 months ago rub ice on the eyebrow first to make it numb
  • P N
    P N 3 months ago Once you get used to it, it doesn't hurt anymore. I can pull my stray hairs with my fingernails. Lol.
  • Spyro Fury
    Spyro Fury 3 months ago For me it hurts but it is bearable. My eyes do tear up though...
  • Leilani_Sings_
    Leilani_Sings_ 3 months ago Marie Ewican How So?
  • ur mom
    ur mom 3 months ago Put some Vaseline on them beforehand. I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the pain without doing that.
  • Caity Wylie
    Caity Wylie 3 months ago ice helps
  • Leilani_Sings_
    Leilani_Sings_ 4 months ago Wait it hurts for other people?? I mean i feel a little pinch but besides that I'm fine SO THATS WHY MY COUSIN SHAVES IT INSTEAD OF PLUCKS OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
  • Lovely Lydia
    Lovely Lydia 4 months ago If you use carmax you won’t feel a thing
  • Marie Ewican
    Marie Ewican 4 months ago Plucking is unhealthy
  • Ryan Suzette
    Ryan Suzette 4 months ago You should def try an epilator! They’re COMPLETELY PAIN-FREE!!!
  • tae spoon
    tae spoon 4 months ago You need to get used to it i guess..
  • Everlasting ELF_ARMY
    Everlasting ELF_ARMY 5 months ago Nicola_00 finaaally someone else who does hahahaha
  • Veena Veena
    Veena Veena 5 months ago Sprouts food
  • Hannah Morris
    Hannah Morris 6 months ago @Nicola_00 girl you a warrior :-)
  • Araminta WILLIAMS [08Y1]
    Araminta WILLIAMS [08Y1] 6 months ago yea, i always raise my eyebrows or its pulls my skins aswell as the eyebrow hair
  • Hannah Morris
    Hannah Morris 7 months ago I am now holding my skin tight because I didn't even think about that before you mentioned haha I feel dumb
  • Erica Lopez
    Erica Lopez 7 months ago She probably didn’t hold her skin tight for the video lmao
  • Rabbitsareforever x
    Rabbitsareforever x 7 months ago Millie maskell it will not hurt after a few years that is why it does not hurt her as much
  • FlashBack Mary
    FlashBack Mary 7 months ago Same!! I cannot tweeze my brows. I have such a low pain tolerance lol.. I have to shave them... I don’t even wax lol
  • caathy79
    caathy79 8 months ago Rub I little isopropyl alcohol before you pluck. Should help some
  • JandT Furman
    JandT Furman 8 months ago It doesn’t hurt me 90% of the time but wax, ughhh!!
  • The girl you don't know
    The girl you don't know 9 months ago Yeah of course
  • amitan654
    amitan654 9 months ago You plucked like 10 hair strands, but if I plucked my eyebrows I can make a wig out of the hair
  • Mushfiqa 786
    Mushfiqa 786 6 days ago 😂 😂
  • Chill Heart
    Chill Heart 2 weeks ago ME OMG
  • princess of the dark shadows
    princess of the dark shadows 1 month ago I almost have 1 eyebrow 🤣
  • Rama Sy
    Rama Sy 1 month ago N
  • Milcah Bunyi
    Milcah Bunyi 1 month ago then you are fucking lucky.
  • Elizabeth V
    Elizabeth V 1 month ago They are already shaped and well maintained
  • Jesus Paz
    Jesus Paz 2 months ago omg sameeee😂
  • myalli1
    myalli1 2 months ago Jolene Sutton omgggg yesss I turned into a wholly mammal!! It was so crazy!
  • Live Barami
    Live Barami 2 months ago For me its 2 wigs..
  • Victoria Peay
    Victoria Peay 2 months ago Lucky you! I want thicker brows haha 😂
  • Stacey W
    Stacey W 3 months ago @veronica1521adbc same, I don't think I can shape myself
  • Keira Gibson
    Keira Gibson 3 months ago amitan654 lol
  • Forsicya
    Forsicya 3 months ago Lmao i feel you
  • omqxzoe
    omqxzoe 3 months ago Same😂
  • Simple
    Simple 3 months ago Lol
  • Emma Mackin
    Emma Mackin 3 months ago Why is that so relatable
  • Sarah Sun
    Sarah Sun 4 months ago lol if i pluck my eyebrows i have none left
  • Limelightforever
    Limelightforever 4 months ago Same
  • JusSumRandomShii
    JusSumRandomShii 5 months ago ONGGGGG🥵😂
  • Jolene Sutton
    Jolene Sutton 7 months ago The unibrow is strong. I just need to get my whole face waxed. Anyone who is a female and has been pregnant with a boy understands the surge of testosterone which causes extra body hair... my son is almost 5 and now I still have the extra hair on my face D' x
  • Ava Morin
    Ava Morin 7 months ago Same tho
  • uh , hElLo? iimmm heeerrreee
    uh , hElLo? iimmm heeerrreee 7 months ago Fr tho, Literally my eyebrows are thicker than me
  • surgeon aphrie
    surgeon aphrie 7 months ago Same
  • Cai Seyer
    Cai Seyer 7 months ago Same here. So what I did is to have it done by a professional. Then I do the maintenance by plucking/shaving as shown in this vid.
  • Jeje Gyu
    Jeje Gyu 9 months ago I feel you
  • Rizwanahasan Ikra
    Rizwanahasan Ikra 9 months ago Same here
  • Ella Nye
    Ella Nye 9 months ago TED -dy like me ;) jk lmfao
  • first name last name
    first name last name 9 months ago i know right
  • TED -dy
    TED -dy 9 months ago Ikr my brows are fucking thick
  • afootineachworld
    afootineachworld 9 months ago Ikr
  • dora.cernelic _
    dora.cernelic _ 9 months ago Me : * watches eyebrow tutorial * Me : mk I can do this * Does 1st eyebrow perfect * * Does the 2nd perfect but they dont match * Me : SON OF A FLIP! 😠😠 Can someone relate? 😂😅 Can someone
  • bangtan love
    bangtan love 6 days ago @thefriqueisin yeah mine too ! I have a scar in one of my eyebrows
  • Jenica Osuna
    Jenica Osuna 1 week ago My right eyebrow is always on fleek but my left is just another story :/
  • Kerri-Ann Bell
    Kerri-Ann Bell 1 week ago All the time!😂
  • Ande Rsen
    Ande Rsen 1 week ago Eyebrows are sisters not twins.
  • hungry hunger
    hungry hunger 3 weeks ago dora.cernelic _ is
  • Just memes
    Just memes 3 weeks ago Yes
  • Ashley Noel
    Ashley Noel 1 month ago Literally me after watching this tutorial
  • MrsAceIce
    MrsAceIce 1 month ago Same same.
  • I GOT7 problems but you got no Jams
    I GOT7 problems but you got no Jams 1 month ago @thefriqueisin same sis
  • Alyssa Wright
    Alyssa Wright 1 month ago Yes I can relate
  • Jenifer Mejia
    Jenifer Mejia 1 month ago thefriqueisin same mine is n my rt eyebrow
  • Worst Username In the World
    Worst Username In the World 2 months ago LMAO SAME HEREEEE, I almost plucked one half of my right eyebrow once and the left one looked perfect. 😤😧 Also, I died when you said Son of a flipppp 😂😂
  • babykayla
    babykayla 2 months ago thefriqueisin mine too!!
  • Moonchild
    Moonchild 2 months ago Yes I just did 😞
  • Juni Bug
    Juni Bug 2 months ago Awwww 🥰 so funny! Yep it happens all the time
  • Mariat Is Me
    Mariat Is Me 3 months ago @thefriqueisin // omg, I find that so coo!!! (like whatever scar), I find scars in general cool. Idk why 🤣🤣
  • Patricia Liga
    Patricia Liga 3 months ago Ohhh my too... On is it looks bomb af... But the other one is so thin and straight... like wtf😂
  • Angie Boo
    Angie Boo 4 months ago Omg. On everything that happends. ThE sTruGgLe iS rEaL
  • Texan Child
    Texan Child 4 months ago Dorky _ That’s because your eyebrows aren’t twins, they’re sisters.
  • ralph abajar
    ralph abajar 5 months ago Me.....
  • S F S
    S F S 5 months ago my left eyebrow looks basically PERFECT always and of course my right eyebrow has to look ratchet oop
  • Saika Scarlet
    Saika Scarlet 6 months ago super relate😅😅
  • Samantha Davis
    Samantha Davis 7 months ago Sisters, never twins. And they never ever look the same day-to-day..Sigh..I can for sure relate..
  • Heather Ingram
    Heather Ingram 7 months ago Every fucking timeee
  • thefriqueisin
    thefriqueisin 7 months ago One of my eyebrows has a scar in it. So I can definitely relate
  • Rabbitsareforever x
    Rabbitsareforever x 7 months ago Yes yes yes
  • Rabbitsareforever x
    Rabbitsareforever x 7 months ago Yes Yes yes
  • Charine Subibi
    Charine Subibi 9 months ago step 1: have thick brows 😩 i wish
  • time traveler
    time traveler 2 days ago i want thin brows. omg, this thick ass, bushy ass, ugly ass eyebrows make me look manly
  • secretly mataray
    secretly mataray 1 week ago @Theyyy.Luvvv. CeCe. I'm not using a VASELINE petroleum jelly, but I'm using EQUATE petroleum jelly. Is that effective using that kind of petroleum jelly?
  • Straw Berry
    Straw Berry 2 weeks ago @bussdown ciarra Make sure use Costor oil for eyebrows its very effective ...
  • Straw Berry
    Straw Berry 2 weeks ago @Tails Styles i Have thick eyebrows Thank God
  • Noam Dvir
    Noam Dvir 3 weeks ago Believe me you don’t
  • bussdown ciarra
    bussdown ciarra 1 month ago Coconut oil n a spolli after you hop out the shower
  • Ascended Shook
    Ascended Shook 1 month ago @Linda I swear ive seen you before
  • Ascended Shook
    Ascended Shook 1 month ago to me, the girl's eyebrows are thin... A thick eyebrow girl has way more problems you know, so be careful what you wish you. Atleasr you weren't born with these thick burdens :p
  • Flower Power
    Flower Power 1 month ago @afootineachworld same
  • PixiePixYT
    PixiePixYT 1 month ago afootineachworld Same!
  • Zebi Cel
    Zebi Cel 1 month ago (edited) @Linda same mine is lighter too😑... i tried using castor oil for three days straight... after that i was too lazy😅
  • Juicy Pear
    Juicy Pear 1 month ago I'd rather have thin eyebrows... in east-asian culture, people usually want thinner eyebrows for a more delicate look
  • taehyung’s wife
    taehyung’s wife 1 month ago Yoongi‘s Swaeg : SAME mine are shaped so good their just so light you can barely see them 😩😂
  • Youssra Yemmas
    Youssra Yemmas 2 months ago Same! Also I feel like my eyebrow hairs fall off so easily.
  • Itsanimefolks ._.
    Itsanimefolks ._. 2 months ago No you don’t 😂😂
  • Tails Styles
    Tails Styles 2 months ago Thick brows are a blessing and a curse
  • Linda
    Linda 2 months ago My eyebrows are so bright it looks like I don’t even have any... T.T
  • JustAmy
    JustAmy 2 months ago Oh boy What flavour Same, and my eyebrows are kinda short too... its weird 😂
  • Rachel Hughes
    Rachel Hughes 2 months ago These are thick? I wish my eyebrows were this thin :/
  • emma cosma
    emma cosma 6 months ago Sameeee! 😫
  • Oh boy What flavour
    Oh boy What flavour 6 months ago I have thick un-even brows
  • Eisha Akram
    Eisha Akram 8 months ago Lmao I like my thick eyebrows but I wish they were. A little thinner that’s why I don’t fill them in ugh! I wish I could give them to u
  • Ragad
    Ragad 9 months ago (edited) Charine Subibi Mine are normal, since I don’t do anything with them. I think they look good without makeup or anything...
  • P & Jay
    P & Jay 9 months ago Caster oil should help
  • afootineachworld
    afootineachworld 9 months ago You want thick brows? I want thin
  • Theyyy.Luvvv. CeCe.
    Theyyy.Luvvv. CeCe. 9 months ago Omg i have a remedy use Vaseline on your brows every night and wash them with water shape them with Vaseline and go to sleep wake up and there you go
  • Melissa
    Melissa 9 months ago Girl this was so satisfying
  • Jikook Shipp sails
    Jikook Shipp sails 1 month ago It was irritating to me
  • Celeste Sanchez
    Celeste Sanchez 4 months ago 27 thousandth like 👍
  • Karamvir singh lovely
    Karamvir singh lovely 4 months ago @rachel Hi
  • rachel
    rachel 4 months ago Melissa lol
  • J B
    J B 5 months ago LightCan io
  • MyName IsGreg
    MyName IsGreg 6 months ago LightCan Lol I just though of the vine when I read that 😂😂
  • sparkle fox
    sparkle fox 9 months ago I actaully trpugh the whole video Aucj
  • LightCan
    LightCan 9 months ago My friend got drunk and passed out once. Shaved off his entire eyebrows while he was passed out . Still laughing to this day about it. Lol
  • Tootsie rolling
    Tootsie rolling 9 months ago My eyebrows have mood swings every single day. I can’t control them like you did 😂
  • Noor Bhatia
    Noor Bhatia 3 days ago Same issue with me🙄☺️
  • Chill Heart
    Chill Heart 2 weeks ago Okay. Fucking me, though.
  • bussdown ciarra
    bussdown ciarra 1 month ago Brow gel sis is keyyy
  • Ceyda Canikli
    Ceyda Canikli 2 months ago They're probably curly like mine 😄
  • Araminta WILLIAMS [08Y1]
    Araminta WILLIAMS [08Y1] 6 months ago omg same
  • thefriqueisin
    thefriqueisin 7 months ago Have you tried a whip and a chair? Lol...brow gel?
  • Celeste Cc
    Celeste Cc 9 months ago Tootsie rolling hahah same damn 😂
  • Nikki Blasi
    Nikki Blasi 9 months ago woah eyebrows are literally perfect
  • Y M
    Y M 4 months ago True!.. And I could not do anything like that because mine were almost bald! I made them look like that only after a course of Cherish Brow serum.
  • Mani2006 Mani2006
    Mani2006 Mani2006 5 months ago Thats not wonderfull
  • Jose Miguel Ochoa Vera
    Jose Miguel Ochoa Vera 6 months ago Nikki Blasi h B
  • Yooo-Laia
    Yooo-Laia 7 months ago I FREAKEN see u comment on every video I watch
  • bob.
    bob. 8 months ago not the end of the eyebrow
  • zoey guerra
    zoey guerra 7 months ago eyebrows: perfect me: quaking you: quaking hotel: trivago yee: haw
  • Lizzie Battaglia
    Lizzie Battaglia 1 month ago Slow:loser
  • Lizzie Battaglia
    Lizzie Battaglia 1 month ago Shut:up
  • Lizzie Battaglia
    Lizzie Battaglia 1 month ago deez:nuts
  • maia
    maia 2 months ago comment: unoriginal
  • maia
    maia 2 months ago comment: done before
  • Grace Pressinger
    Grace Pressinger 5 months ago 🤠🤠🤠
  • Wetsock
    Wetsock 5 months ago @Detrick it has become a meme somehow
  • Detrick
    Detrick 5 months ago Vaso k yea i've seen the ads, so its just randomly plugged in here? 🤨
  • Wetsock
    Wetsock 5 months ago @Detrick this is from an advertisement
  • Detrick
    Detrick 5 months ago zorelle guerra someone explain to me hotel:trivago
  • Wetsock
    Wetsock 6 months ago Time:wasted
  • Succ
    Succ 6 months ago Not:Original
  • MyName IsGreg
    MyName IsGreg 6 months ago Wig:snatched
  • Yesh I love bts yesh I love exo
    Yesh I love bts yesh I love exo 7 months ago So:Original
  • ariella g.
    ariella g. 7 months ago zorelle guerra ok
  • mytube
    mytube 9 months ago Pain/irritation free: use a washcloth or cotton pad soaked with warm water to "soften" the hair and open the pores. Apply warm compress to brow area just before tweezing. After tweezing, apply cotton pad with cool water-- hold for a few seconds-- closes the pores, soothes the pinch and significantly reduces redness and/or irritation
  • o k a y w i n t e r
    o k a y w i n t e r 2 weeks ago @Jennifer I did this but like my skin is sensitive asf
  • Roshi Rae
    Roshi Rae 1 month ago I have seen some people use bonjella!
  • PixiePixYT
    PixiePixYT 1 month ago Thanks! I will try this when I do my eyebrows.
  • Venesië Ebels
    Venesië Ebels 2 months ago Thank you sooooooo much !!!!!°
  • rachel
    rachel 4 months ago mytube thanks 🤗
  • Hanna Camiii
    Hanna Camiii 5 months ago I just literally tried this and it works!! Apply a warm towel over the eyebrows before u pluck them and plucking them becomes much more bearable!
  • Ashwini K
    Ashwini K 5 months ago Wow just like that you gave tip for all. Awesome thank you so much for very helpful tip. 😊
  • Isabella Viereck
    Isabella Viereck 5 months ago Also, an easy way to help it is to pull the skin around your eyebrow. It makes it way easier.
  • Rosa T.
    Rosa T. 6 months ago Or you could just use baby tooth numbing cream
  • قمر عبد الرحمن
    قمر عبد الرحمن 6 months ago اشتركوا بقناتي عاليوتيوب ليصلكم كل جديد بصوتي ❤🌻❤
  • Sour Skittles
    Sour Skittles 6 months ago tysm
  • Just-Your- Cup-Of-Tea
    Just-Your- Cup-Of-Tea 6 months ago (edited) Would toner help reclusive e when finished aswell? A gentle non chemical one like witch hazel
  • wtf is my life
    wtf is my life 6 months ago Was it embarrassing when you fell in mud and people thought you pooped yourself 😂
  • krisbel valbuena
    krisbel valbuena 6 months ago Como aplicar keratina
  • Leyane Edme
    Leyane Edme 6 months ago Thk u
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 6 months ago Rub ice on your eyebrows for about 10-15 secs and then wait 10 more seconds than it won’t hurt as bad when tweezing
  • Sumur Williams
    Sumur Williams 6 months ago Thank you
  • Hannah Morris
    Hannah Morris 7 months ago Thank you so much for the tips-very helpful! :-)
  • Tejaram Mouriya
    Tejaram Mouriya 7 months ago The the
  • thefriqueisin
    thefriqueisin 7 months ago This comment saved my life! made tweezing better by far which is invaluable as my post pregnant skin is super sensitive
  • Rabbitsareforever x
    Rabbitsareforever x 7 months ago My tube I wish I Saw this first thanks x
  • Kaitlyn Gordon
    Kaitlyn Gordon 7 months ago Thank you for that I know you might not care but I'm going to sub to u
  • Cloud Town
    Cloud Town 7 months ago Thank u soooo much
  • naushad shaikh
    naushad shaikh 8 months ago Thanks ⚘
  • Zarancutie
    Zarancutie 7 months ago Painful to watch you tweezing your brows 😂😂😂 I find it so sore !!!!
  • thefriqueisin
    thefriqueisin 3 weeks ago I mark off the area and then spread the skin tight and then pluck...hurts waaaay less...less redness etx
  • Dwight K. Schrute
    Dwight K. Schrute 2 months ago Lol I see your comments on pretty much every video I have ever watched
  • Rosa T.
    Rosa T. 2 months ago I love plucking my eyebrows
  • Jochel ostbågar
    Jochel ostbågar 3 months ago Not for me...can’t understand how people think it’s painful
  • Katie xox.
    Katie xox. 4 months ago Wet them and then do it
  • I don't really know
    I don't really know 5 months ago Same
  • Norma Bierman
    Norma Bierman 5 months ago Grete Menge koo
  • MyName IsGreg
    MyName IsGreg 6 months ago Same it hurts so bad
  • Grete Menge
    Grete Menge 6 months ago Mine's worse
  • Dorca Orgella
    Dorca Orgella 6 months ago @Dorjee Dema nnnnnz Nn X Zd. BBBVJB BbwB. E
    ARMY POTATO 6 months ago Same here
  • Dorjee Dema
    Dorjee Dema 7 months ago Zarancutie
  • SimplyKala
    SimplyKala 9 months ago Okay your eyebrows are PERFECT my brow hairs are so thin it pisses me off so even if they’re clean they aren’t bold enough 😭
  • GiveJiminSomeJams
    GiveJiminSomeJams 1 week ago You could tint your eyebrows
  • Chill Heart
    Chill Heart 2 weeks ago But you’re literally gorgeous!
  • Kelly Leung
    Kelly Leung 1 month ago I got thin brows too! Glossier boy brow or Brow Food Tinted brow gel is your new best friend😩
  • daisy evans.x
    daisy evans.x 4 months ago Same 😔👋😭
  • rachel
    rachel 4 months ago SimplyKala yup
  • Zurie Adam
    Zurie Adam 7 months ago I watched one of your videos and honestly think you have really good brows
  • Hannah Morris
    Hannah Morris 7 months ago Girl I have THICK eyebrows, and you aint missin much
  • Emily Kunsemiller
    Emily Kunsemiller 9 months ago me too sis :(
  • Canela Trigueros
    Canela Trigueros 9 months ago honestly mine used to be so sparse, i’m glad the abh brow wiz was invented lol!!
  • Louise Miles
    Louise Miles 9 months ago I have serious eyebrow envy after watching this 🙄
  • Ayushi Raj
    Ayushi Raj 3 months ago @Poonam Kanth she too is shaping her eyebrows.. similarly I also have to get my eyebrows shaped but I prefer threading...btw I am not a teen😁😁 I passed that phase 5 years ago...... I have thick brows and I love thick brows as that suits me so I just get it shaped with arch to suit my face bcz I have a chubby round face
  • Poonam Kanth
    Poonam Kanth 3 months ago @Ayushi Raj so can I think u don't get your eyebrows waxed like most Indian teens(just like me) and have naturally beautiful eyebrows
  • Ayushi Raj
    Ayushi Raj 7 months ago My eyebrows are like her so I don't envy that but I really envy her for doing her eyebrows so perfectly by herself which I can never do...I'll make a complete mess and then my face will start looking like a clown or maybe a ghost
  • Autumn N
    Autumn N 9 months ago Louise Miles dude same
  • Regena Anelia
    Regena Anelia 9 months ago LOL I NEED EYEBROWS
  • Kiera lambert
    Kiera lambert 6 months ago Girl don't lie we can clearly see them!(I'm joking)
  • P & Jay
    P & Jay 8 months ago @Shilpa Anantha black Jamaican Caster Oil
  • Shilpa Anantha
    Shilpa Anantha 8 months ago Can you kindly tell me what is bjco
  • Abeedah Farjan
    Abeedah Farjan 9 months ago Same
  • P & Jay
    P & Jay 9 months ago But the consistency is really thick so I also recommend mixing it with something else b4 using it on your head
  • P & Jay
    P & Jay 9 months ago I recommend getting some caster oil. My sis has them eyebrows, so she used bjco and it did wonders. It also works for hair growth on your head and eyelashes
  • okay kate
    okay kate 9 months ago (edited) Wow your eyebrows look stunning!! I wish I knew how to do my eyebrows that well..I'm always too scared to over pluck
  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie 1 week ago @R Gordon convincing🤔😅
  • R Gordon
    R Gordon 1 week ago Cutie Pie cos this is free?
  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie 1 month ago Why u just don't go to someone who clean eyebrows,done!
  • MyName IsGreg
    MyName IsGreg 6 months ago Eisha Akram Same my eyebrow are so thick and if I filled them in they would take up my entire forehead
  • Eisha Akram
    Eisha Akram 8 months ago okay kate girl my eyebrows are sooo thick! that’s why I don’t fill them in! If I could I would give them to u lol
  • Sveyhanie Baculanlan
    Sveyhanie Baculanlan 8 months ago Same.. 😂
  • lr
    lr 9 months ago I really needed this! I just moved to SF from LA for college which means I left my eyebrow lady and I've really been struggling lol
  • qudreau
    qudreau 2 months ago Lisah Ramos do you go to UC Berkeley?
  • Moina
    Moina 7 months ago Ada This is exactly my problem but I’ll be going in the spring 😭
  • Ada
    Ada 7 months ago I’m going to college abroad next fall and I’ve been thinking about how I’m gonna struggle with my eyebrows without my eyebrow lady that I’ve gone to for almost 4 years
  • Lindi Maddox
    Lindi Maddox 7 months ago Lilly M. Lol
  • Lea M.
    Lea M. 8 months ago k s..'ve actually been struggling because u can't get eyebrows plucked? 😒
  • Lisah Ramos
    Lisah Ramos 9 months ago I live in SF! I go to college here, and it’s really hard to find a good eyebrow lady, it depends if you like waxing or threading. There’s this threading place at Stonestown Galleria which is good!
  • Canela Trigueros
    Canela Trigueros 9 months ago glad I could help 💓
  • Lisa
    Lisa 8 months ago I was trying to shave my eyebrow....and I cut it 😭😭 I am soo sad right now and it look horrible 😫 1 like for me pleas
  • Soups On
    Soups On 1 month ago Not only a like but a (((hug))) too, girl I can relate!
  • Titin Kustinah
    Titin Kustinah 2 months ago Me toooo....
  • Moonchild
    Moonchild 2 months ago Girl same. I cut my first hairs waaaaaaay too short and my other hairs are way longer. My life is screwed, my parents are gonna kill me 😐
  • Poonam Kanth
    Poonam Kanth 3 months ago U made me laugh dear😂😂😂
  • Sarah Alhaddad
    Sarah Alhaddad 4 months ago @Yanne Moreira yea if you shave it you'd never have that baby back😂
  • Yanne Moreira
    Yanne Moreira 4 months ago @Sarah Alhaddad if it was just shaven instead of plucked and waxed (you're just cutting the hair instead of pulling it out from the hair follicle) they definitely can haha (mine did btw in case anyone wanted an update from my accident 😂)
  • Sarah Alhaddad
    Sarah Alhaddad 4 months ago @Yanne Moreira eyebrows can't grow back ...
  • Leslie A. Iris
    Leslie A. Iris 7 months ago Lmao that happened to me too!!
  • t i n a .
    t i n a . 7 months ago (edited) @Lisa Gymnasten @Yanne Moreira oh no worries , i got ya'll. 😭😂😂
  • Yanne Moreira
    Yanne Moreira 7 months ago @t i n a . thanks it's growing back now 😂😂😂
  • Lisa
    Lisa 7 months ago XXTINAXXBTSARMY Thanks haha 😘😂😢
  • t i n a .
    t i n a . 7 months ago ima do a quick pray for ya'll😂😭
  • Lisa
    Lisa 7 months ago Yanne Moreira hahah sad :(
  • Yanne Moreira
    Yanne Moreira 7 months ago Girl I did the same!!!! I shaved the end of and I never wear makeup (only for interviews and things like weddings), so I'm walking around without a part of my eyebrow haha
  • Ilikekpop
    Ilikekpop 9 months ago 0:42 omg I can just FEEL how bad that hurtsssss
  • Hadiqa Khalique
    Hadiqa Khalique 1 week ago I was thinking the same 😱😱
  • catlover49
    catlover49 2 weeks ago The bottom eyebrow hairs are always the most painful 😭
  • WhatIsThis.
    WhatIsThis. 1 month ago Simonsaysgivewinwinlines your username ikr
  • roseliethefish
    roseliethefish 5 months ago Simonsaysgivewinwinlines ikr
  • HauntedPotatoeMsp
    HauntedPotatoeMsp 5 months ago What if my eyebrows are not the same shape as each other ummm
  • thefriqueisin
    thefriqueisin 3 weeks ago Same!!! I have a large scar in one eyebrow!
  • fulltimecoffeelover 36
    fulltimecoffeelover 36 9 months ago step 1: have sum perfect brows to groom with