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  • Mar ♥
    Mar ♥ 1 month ago Hi guys! I completely get what everyone is saying here in the comments and I promise I read you, I heard you and I made a lot of changes so please check out my more recent content as I'm sure you will enjoy it much more! As a side note, I have a new INSTAGRAM account just for the followers of this channel 😍 it's @higuysimmar so if you like my content please give me an opportunity and follow me there! I'll be waiting for you, thank you for your support I LOVE YOU 💕
  • Chrissy Arlena
    Chrissy Arlena 1 month ago Mar ♥ I love your personality and everyone is different. personally I get bored really quick but your voice and the way you delivered your message kept me tuned in until the end.thanks for having a lively personality it made everything entertaining and easy for me to watch.
  • nima lhaden
    nima lhaden 2 years ago if only she stopped making those forced funny faces which is annoying and distracting!
  • Thatgirl Issa
    Thatgirl Issa 1 week ago Soo true, its not cute if thats the memo she is goin for
  • Latifa Suwaidan
    Latifa Suwaidan 2 weeks ago nima lhaden I agreeee
  • Raecine McCarthy
    Raecine McCarthy 2 months ago nima lhaden same thing I’m saying
  • Xriz Everything
    Xriz Everything 3 months ago I know right
  • Tatyana McNair
    Tatyana McNair 2 years ago nima lhaden in g
  • Jinal Jain
    Jinal Jain 1 year ago Too much Over Acting😧
  • Maha Khan
    Maha Khan 1 month ago Yes right she is doing too much over reacting........
  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato 1 month ago (edited) Ula Krawczak It’s racist. BUT STOP SWEARING UR PROBS ONLY 7
  • Julie Willis
    Julie Willis 1 month ago Loki Liesmith I’d be jealous too...
  • Gina Powell
    Gina Powell 4 months ago (edited) @Loki Liesmith you keep saying that ...what a moron... what does any one bring Indian have to do with it
  • Nameless One
    Nameless One 5 months ago so, that's just who she is. you're not living unless you cross somebody's line.
  • Loki Liesmith
    Loki Liesmith 8 months ago Indians love the words "over acting" as if their life isn't one
  • Jessica Soriano
    Jessica Soriano 8 months ago I agree with many people here. Good content but refrain from the excess facial animation.
  • Naomi Adekunle
    Naomi Adekunle 1 year ago RIP HEADPHONE USERS
  • xGoldenX xBunnyX
    xGoldenX xBunnyX 3 weeks ago Hahahahh
  • Quelly Kell
    Quelly Kell 4 months ago @Anandia Putri me too
  • Baswashree Mainalli
    Baswashree Mainalli 6 months ago 😂
  • Anandia Putri
    Anandia Putri 7 months ago Lol im laughing so hard
  • M o o n l i g h t S K Y
    M o o n l i g h t S K Y 10 months ago Giancarlo Colindres stfu
  • Giancarlo Colindres
    Giancarlo Colindres 11 months ago Naomi Adekunle volume control is there for a reason
    ORSEY ORSE 3 months ago So annoying I cant even watch till the end
  • Alissa Rose
    Alissa Rose 1 month ago @Anamari Cintron any1 can comment anything they want it's a free world
  • Alissa Rose
    Alissa Rose 1 month ago SAME
  • Anamari Cintron
    Anamari Cintron 3 months ago ORSEY ORSE then don’t. Why are you even here? If you don’t like the video, there is a way to exit. You don’t have to be so rude.
  • Sarah Colgan
    Sarah Colgan 2 months ago All of the foundation she wasted doing this 🤦‍♀️
  • LCA- Lights Camera Awesome
    LCA- Lights Camera Awesome 8 months ago 0:45 so annoying her faces tho 😫
  • Nayeli Galindo
    Nayeli Galindo 3 months ago just fucking pay attention to what she is teaching AND QUIT BEING A RUDE ASS LIKE DAMN BRUH
  • marsh mellow
    marsh mellow 5 months ago The Circle Of My LIFE bc she’s trying so hard to be cute
    JORDYN FAITH 6 months ago What is the problem honestly🤣 Everyone keeps ranting about her faces when there just overreacting
  • czasem często
    czasem często 6 months ago I KNOW! wtf is wrong with her face
  • Julia Brooks
    Julia Brooks 5 months ago Please stop complaining about the faces she makes and her screaming, it's not even as bad as you all say it is and it's just how she speaks.
  • Mpho Mohlabula
    Mpho Mohlabula 9 months ago Wasted 5 minutes of my life. mxm
  • zee KHAN
    zee KHAN 5 months ago Soo true.. 😂😂😂
  • Constantine Geravelis
    Constantine Geravelis 6 months ago Mpho Mohlabula σε
  • Mariah Shyanne
    Mariah Shyanne 1 year ago WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING AT ME😭😭😭
  • Yuizaki Hiyono
    Yuizaki Hiyono 2 months ago Ikr 😭😭😭😭
  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 5 months ago Yea shes so loud! I got shocked!😜
  • addienoodle
    addienoodle 5 months ago LMAO
  • Huda Fathima
    Huda Fathima 6 months ago Stop making dirty faces soo annoying you are, over acting
  • C V
    C V 7 months ago Giancarlo Colindres ,bro shut up you’ve commented that like 5x already, are u here to watch or to tell us about volume control
  • Original Name
    Original Name 10 months ago You could say she is... a screamer.
  • Giancarlo Colindres
    Giancarlo Colindres 11 months ago Mariah Shyanne volume control is there for a reason
  • Jessica Jeffers
    Jessica Jeffers 4 months ago The waste of product 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 1 month ago Jessica Jeffers she is trying to help her fans by showing them exactly how to do it or how else will you do it? And why did you “ waste your time” hating on somebody trying to help? I really don’t get it😐
  • shazia321
    shazia321 1 year ago Who wears moisturiser like that ? 😂😂
  • Ahle Mix
    Ahle Mix 6 months ago I enjoyed this video that I watched it all the way through and then I came to the comments and seen all the bad reviews 😦 Lol. This video was very informative for me . 👍🏽
  • merin mathew
    merin mathew 9 months ago why are you overacting....????
  • Salma Mar EL
    Salma Mar EL 1 year ago Interesting but seems like u re talking to stupid people. Dont exagerate that much. I would like to learn but not this way.
  • Ny Dias
    Ny Dias 4 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Serinu Amai
    Serinu Amai 5 months ago Salma Mar EL I wanna like ur comment but it’s at 420 I—
  • Claudia .5
    Claudia .5 5 months ago So not watch bitch
  • swath Ash
    swath Ash 7 months ago To be honest your acting too much
  • Deimante Kisonaite
    Deimante Kisonaite 7 months ago Salma Mar EL hji
  • Taylor Goodwin
    Taylor Goodwin 8 months ago Salma Mar EL Then dont watch it tf
  • IG: astro.memes
    IG: astro.memes 1 year ago turns volume down
  • Kookie da Seagull
    Kookie da Seagull 5 months ago Same (also stan talent Stan Astro)
  • HOBI is my HOPE
    HOBI is my HOPE 5 months ago omg AROHA! ~~ 💕💖
  • Thenjiwe Comedy
    Thenjiwe Comedy 3 months ago My sister is watching from Chicago and the screaming woke me up all the way in Durban South Africa
  • sushi g
    sushi g 1 year ago my god you are annoying lmao
  • Delirious
    Delirious 1 month ago Lmaoooo u wrong
  • slimelyvidgirrrl slimelyvidgirrrl
    slimelyvidgirrrl slimelyvidgirrrl 3 months ago If u dont like her then dont watch her at all if u think she's anoying no 1 brought u her so why make a hate comment!.....
  • Zakyia Clanton
    Zakyia Clanton 3 months ago She is not annoying you are
  • Nameless One
    Nameless One 5 months ago comments like yours are annoying. nobody's forcing you to watch it.
  • Cookie Thief
    Cookie Thief 6 months ago This comment is annoying
  • Petra Vuksiii123
    Petra Vuksiii123 6 months ago danielle ferrante I agree
  • danielle ferrante
    danielle ferrante 7 months ago Omg I think she’s adorable
  • Giancarlo Colindres
    Giancarlo Colindres 11 months ago calista g volume control is there for a reason
  • Maddie Loves Fortnite
    Maddie Loves Fortnite 9 months ago I’m cringing, stop doing the duck face... it’s not cute.